The Snake Skin Quilt pattern RELEASE

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The first Snake Skin Quilt, made & quilted by me (@aprilgracequilts). This one is the throw size, measuring approximately 58″ x 70″.

I have to start by saying how incredible the quilting community is. When I posted that I was looking for quilt testers on Instagram, I had SO MANY people offer to test this pattern — before they had even seen the design!!

At the time, I was very pregnant, just weeks away from having my third baby, and I was in a hurry to get the pattern out to testers before he was born. That turned out to be a mistake! I hadn’t even tested the pattern myself yet, so the first draft of the pattern was FULL of mistakes!! But everyone was SO understanding and stayed excited about the pattern. I am so grateful for their patience and encouragement!

And of course, I did update the pattern as soon as I was able, and I have quite a few BEAUTIFUL versions to show you! Below are all of the different interpretations of my Snake Skin Quilt pattern made by my pattern testers. Since I am very active on Instagram, I’ve included their Instagram handles so you can follow them too! I hope you find some inspiration from these pictures! Be sure to use the hashtags #snakeskinquilt and #aprilgracequilts — I can’t wait to see what you make!!

Purchase the pattern HERE! The pattern is on sale until May 14, 2019. Fabric requirements can be found in the listing, & also at the bottom of this post.

This is the baby size, made by Tacy Mowrey (@caterpillarquilting!). I love that she used ALL prints! Even better, floral prints!!

This beast is the bed size! Made by Jenny Doepker (@jennydoepker), this quilt measures 90″ x 105″. When I designed the pattern, I was imagining it with black, red & grey, but she didn’t know that! It was a very happy coincidence & I was so excited to see this one!

Besides the fun and unique design, two of my favorite things about this quilt pattern are
1. There is no trimming!! That is a very time consuming part of quilting that I am glad to avoid if at all possible. With this pattern, once you cut out all of your pieces, you’re DONE cutting!
2. There are no seams or corners to match up! This stunning pattern is actually VERY easy (& quick) to assemble and absolutely beginner friendly.

Made by Laurel (@lololalala), this is another baby size. HOW FREAKIN CUTE is that pink background?!
Another throw size, made by me!
This firey throw size was made by Jocelyn (@mgjbtx_quilts)!

If you sew at any level and are interested in being a quilt pattern tester, PLEASE email me! AND if you are a fellow pattern writer looking for more testers, PLEASE email me! I learn so much from testing patterns, and I am eager to help other quilters. I welcome the opportunity to have someone else tell me what to make!

This is also a throw size, made by Kristan Umphrey (@mustardcottonquilts). The white background against the black is so striking!

I appreciate your interest in this pattern! Happy quilting!!

Purchase the pattern HERE! The pattern is on sale until May 14, 2019. Fabric requirements are listed below:


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